Repair Your Joint with Arthroscopic Surgery in Henderson, NV

knee being operated on shoulder sergery

Arthroscopy is the minimally invasive treatment of joints through 4mm incisions with the assistance of visualization by the arthroscope, a device that utilizes a camera attached to a long cylindrical lens in a protective sheath. Dr. Redfern has been recognized for his expertise in arthroscopy by his acceptance into membership in the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA). Dr. Redfern was one of the first orthopedic surgeons in the Las Vegas area to repair rotator cuff tears through small arthroscopic incisions, and independently developed a technique to repair partial tears of the rotator cuff without making the tear bigger. Dr. Redfern has been trained to treat problems of the shoulder, elbow, knee, and ankle with the arthroscope, which has greatly reduced the pain of open surgery and speeded the recovery of his patients.

Patient Testimonial – Jarold P.

Jarold is a 40-year-old male who had a previous repair of his rotator cuff by a different surgeon that did not heal. Jarold’s case was complicated by having many metal anchors in his shoulder, which prevented new anchors from being used to repair his shoulder. Jarold required a two stage procedure to remove the anchors and bone graft the defect to get new bone to form for a delayed repair. Dr. Redfern’s expertise in bone grafting with demineralized bone matrix helped Jarold grow new bone, which allowed Dr. Redfern to revise his rotator cuff repair with newer bioabsorbable anchors and stimulate new blood flow which helped the second repair heal. Jarold says, “My shoulder feels great! I can do any sports activity that I want. Dr. Redfern saved my shoulder.”

Pre-Operative X-Ray

xray of anchor removal

After First Stage Anchor Removal and Bone Graft

operation xray

Second Stage Arthroscopy Showing Good Blood Supply and New Anchor Placement

arthroscopy of good blood supply
arthroscopy of surgery

Functional Results

man with raised arms straight up
man with arms out to his side

man with arms held behind his back

Healed Small Incisions

man with a scar from surgery

Information for Patients

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