Total Joint Replacement in Henderson, NV

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The diagnosis and management of arthritis requires individualized treatment of each patient. Dr. Redfern will carefully listen to all patients tell their story of how their condition developed, perform a thorough exam of the involved joint, and order appropriate x-rays. Even before it was required by Medicare, Dr. Redfern followed a conservative approach prior to recommending joint replacement. Many treatments such as weight loss, medication, braces, and exercise can relieve joint pain. Injections of cortisone or hyaluronic acid can sometimes provide relief for more than a year. When conservative treatments don’t work, Dr. Redfern has the expertise to replace your joints with the most advanced and safe joint replacement available. Dr. Redfern has been using the “high flexion” since it was available, which has made his patients very happy (see patient testimony below). Dr. Redfern’s background in Biomedical Engineering has helped him to avoid complications with total joint materials. More information on the total knee used by Dr. Redfern can be found at For more information on the benefits and safety of the ceramic-on-ceramic total hip, please go to

Patient Testimonial – Donald M.

Donald is an 81-year-old male who had right knee pain for more than two years. Pills and injections no longer provided relief. His x-rays confirmed that his joint was worn out, with loss of his cartilage. Donald had a high flexion GetAroundKnee replacement and was able to go home with home health after three days. He did not require a blood transfusion, but was put on blood thinners as usual to prevent blood clots. Within three weeks, he could walk without a cane or crutch. By six weeks, he had over 90 degrees of flexion. By 3 months, he could flex to 120 degrees. Donald says, “My knee feels great! I wish I had done this sooner!”

Pre-Operative X-Rays

xray of bad joint
xray of repaired joint

Post-Operative X-Rays

xray of repaired joint
xray of repaired joint

Functional Results

Range of Motion at 6 Weeks

man that has knee surgery scars
man with bent knee

Range of Motion at 3 Months

man with bent knee

Total Knee Patient Testimony

Patient Bruce A is able to do gentle downhill skiing and doubles tennis with his high flexion knee. He plays golf at least once a week. He regularly does Yoga to maintain his range of motion, as shown in these pictures. Total knee replacement can restore your active lifestyle.

xray of bad joint xray of bad joint BruceASkiing