Areas of Expertise in Dr. Redfern’s Orthopedic Practice in Henderson, NV

Dr. Redfern can help you with orthopedic needs in four specific areas. Learn more about each area of expertise.

Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic surgery involves making a small opening in the joint to first see the joint through a small camera. After, more openings are made and small instruments are able to surgically perform needed procedures on the joint. Common joints treated are knee and shoulder, though hips, ankles, elbows, and wrists can also be treated. Torn cartilage is one of the most common procedures done with arthroscopic surgery.

Sports Medicine

football player

Sports medicine is any medical treatment for sport injuries, both for amateur and professional athletes. Common injuries include joints, muscles, and bones. Sport medicine doctors have to have special training, through a residency, fellowship, and examination, depending on whether the doctor will be an orthopedic surgeon or primary care physician. Sport medicine doctors have to know a variety of topics related to sports, including substance abuse and nutrition.

Total Joint Replacement

Total joint replacement is a surgical procedure replacing a part or the entire part of a joint. Common joints that are replaced are knees and hips.

Trauma & Difficult Fractures

fractured arm

When someone has suffered a traumatic accident, there are certain procedures that can help that person heal and fully recover. Trauma surgery is often needed with a traumatic injury, and common procedures include craniotomy, gastrostomy, and laparotomy.

Fractures are any breaks in the bone. Oftentimes, fractures can puncture the skin. It is important that a person get a fracture stabilized in place so the bone can set and heal properly. Some fractures are easier to set than others are, and complicated fractures might need to be reset, immobilized in a cast, or surgically operated on.

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